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Track RADIO ROSTO Satellite in Real Time

Detailed information about RADIO ROSTO satellite

Designator id: 1994-085A

Description of RADIO ROSTO Satellite:

Radio-ROSTO was the fifteenth Russian amateur radio spacecraft. ROSTO is an acronym for Russian Defence, Sports, and Technical Organization. The initial orbit was 2165 x 1885 km, with an inclination of 64.6 deg. The 70-kg micro-satellite carries linear communications transponders. It is spherical in shape and about 1 m in diameter. The onboard electronics equipment was designed and built by a group of radio amateurs from Kaluga, a town 180 km SW of Moscow.

Radio-ROSTO was seen as the precursor to a proposed constellation of Radio-M spacecraft. Also launched by Rokot but into orbits of 950 - 1,000 km at 65 degrees, the network would consist of up to 6 spacecraft working with uplink and downlink frequencies of 435 MHz and 146 MHz and an output transmitter power of 20 W. Radio M spacecraft will be nearly twice as massive with a total mass of 120 kg. An alternative system would consist of six Radio-ROSTO class spacecraft in circular orbits near 1,950 km at inclinations of 65 degrees.

Technical data:

Launch Date: 1994-12-26
Launch Vehicle: Rokot
Launch Site: Tyuratam (Baikonur Cosmodrome), Kazakhstan
Mass: 70.0 kg

Funding Agencies:

Unknown (U.S.S.R)



Source: Nasa

Two Line Element Set (TLE):
1 23439U 94085A   12338.51706485 -.00000039  00000-0  10000-3 0  5353
2 23439 064.8153 018.4208 0159009 188.6350 171.1833 11.27558637738780

Last TLE update on :2012-12-04

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