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Track MOLNIYA 3-50 Satellite in Real Time

Detailed information about MOLNIYA 3-50 satellite

Designator id: 1999-036A

Description of MOLNIYA 3-50 Satellite:

he Molniya-3 Russian communications satellites were used to create the 'Orbita' communications system for northern regions, with groups of four satellites. The first Molniya 3 spacecraft appeared in 1974, primarily to support civil communications (domestic and international), with a slightly enhanced electrical power system and a communications payload of three 6/4 GHz transponders with power outputs of 40 W or 80 W. The land segment used a 12 m diameter parabolic antenna, which was pointed automatically at the satellite using autonomous electromechanical equipment. Later versions were to be part of the YeSSS Unified Satellite Communications System. Trials of this version began in the 1980's, with the system being accepted by the Russian military in 1983-1985.

Technical data:

Launch Date: 1999-07-08
Launch Vehicle: Molniya-M
Launch Site: Plesetsk, Russia

Funding Agencies:

Unknown (Russia)



Source: Nasa

Two Line Element Set (TLE):
1 25847U 99036A   12337.46799525  .00000060  00000-0  10000-3 0  3787
2 25847 063.4227 130.1467 6984917 258.1028 022.2078 02.00586412 98213

Last TLE update on :2012-12-03

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