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Track GOES 8 Satellite in Real Time

Detailed information about GOES 8 satellite

Designator id: 1994-022A

Description of GOES 8 Satellite:

GOES 8 is the 11th in a series of NASA-developed, NOAA-operated, geosynchronous and operational spacecraft. The triaxis-stabilized spacecraft carries (1) Imager and Sounder system to provide visible and infrared images of cloud cover, and to determine atmospheric temperature and water vapor content at various levels, (2) a meteorological data collection system to relay processed data from central weather facilities to regional stations equipped with APT and to collect and retransmit data from remotely located earth-based platforms, (3) a space environment monitor (SEM) system to measure proton, electron, and solar X-ray fluxes and magnetic fields, (4) a Search and Rescue (SAR) system to detect and relay distress calls from land and ocean, and (5) a WEFAX system to disseminate weather information to the user community via FAX. The cylindrically shaped spacecraft measures 190.5 cm in diameter and 230 cm in length, exclusive of a magnetometer that extends an additional 300 cm beyond the cylindrical shell. The imaging telescope is mounted on the equipment shelf and views the earth through a special aperture in the side of the spacecraft. The solar array of 1,057 W supplies two nickel-cadmium batteries of 12 Ampere-hour each. The CCSDS-compliant telemetry is in real-time at 2.0 kbs through S-bands. The eventual parking longitude of the spacecraft will be over 75 deg W. The SEC package (X-rays, H+, e-, monitors, and the Magnetometer) became inoperational on or before April 2003.

Technical data:

Launch Date: 1994-04-13
Launch Vehicle: Atlas-Centaur
Launch Site: Cape Canaveral, United States
Mass: 977.0 kg
Nominal Power: 1057.0 W
Funding Agencies:

NASA-Office of Space Science Applications (United States)
NOAA National Environmental Satellite Service (United States)


Earth Science
Solar Physics
Space Physics

Source: Nasa

Two Line Element Set (TLE):
1 23051U 94022A   12338.32682040  .00000055  00000-0  10000-3 0  3662
2 23051 008.6718 056.9597 0005656 194.6081 165.2790 00.98904159 75237

Last TLE update on :2012-12-04

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