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Track ASIASAT 3S Satellite in Real Time

Detailed information about ASIASAT 3S satellite

Designator id: 1999-013A

Description of ASIASAT 3S Satellite:

A replacement for Asiasat 3, placed in the wrong orbit by a Proton launch in 1997, Asiasat 3S carried C and Ku band transponders. The Blok DM3 upper stage placed the satellite in a geosynchronous transfer orbit. Asiasat's on-board R4D apogee engine was then used to raise perigee to geostationary altitude.

Technical data:

Launch Date: 1999-03-21
Launch Vehicle: Proton-K
Launch Site: Tyuratam (Baikonur Cosmodrome), U.S.S.R
Mass: 2500.0 kg

Funding Agencies:

Asia Satellite Telecommunications Co. Ltd. (AsiaSat) (Peoples Republic of China)



Source: Nasa

Two Line Element Set (TLE):
1 25657U 99013A   12338.58488189 -.00000323  00000-0  10000-3 0  3644
2 25657 000.0425 072.0185 0002213 176.9046 139.9658 01.00270410 50250

Last TLE update on :2012-12-04

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